PAFA aims is to partner with countries, donors and other relevant stakeholders to address identified challenges, and to deliver on its strategic priorities.

Strategic collaboration and partnerships are essential for establishing appropriate platforms for capacity development. This implies effective relationship management with partner countries, donors and other stakeholders where shared challenges and opportunities exist at national, regional and global levels. Regardless of the area of focus (e.g.standard setting or implementation, public sector, accountancy education and certification, mentoring, capacity development, fragile states, etc), we have learned that acting together, wherever feasible, is more desirable than reacting together, or even separately.

We look forward to working with you

PAFA wishes to establish strategic partnerships with governments, PAOs, private sector organisations, and development and aid agencies who focus on Africa.

We believe that by working strategically together we will contribute to Africa and its constituent countries and peoples with the growth and prosperity that they deserve. PAFA actively seeks discussions, funding and cooperation with those organisations who share our objectives and who believe in improving governance, accountability and transparency on the continent.