Joint effort of Professional Accounting Organisations and Auditors General to drive public sector professionalisation


The third meeting of the Interim Oversight Board (IOB) for the Professionalisation of Public Sector Accounting and Auditing in Africa was held in Nairobi, Kenya from 6 to 7 July 2017. It was the first IOB meeting to include five members nominated by the Pan-African Federation of Accountants (PAFA). These new members joined the existing IOB membership of five Auditors General from within the AFROSAI-E region.

The meeting engaged in robust discussions around issues of professionalisation which were enhanced by the active participation and inputs of the new PAFA nominated members. The IOB noted the importance of engagements with a broad range of stakeholders to ensure the legitimacy of the professionalisation initiative. There was agreement that the regional work will be enriched by understanding the good professionalisation activities that have taken place in various countries around the continent. Members contributed to the planning for an engagement with the African Union Commission.

The meeting also included a workshop where members shared ideas and expertise on various professionalisation issues. This included discussions on the accelerated learning needs of public sector incumbents, assessing the readiness of a country for a professionalisation implementation using a capability model, and finding the balance between regional work and local ownership.

The third IOB meeting concluded with members taking joint ownership for the regional professionalisation initiative. It is anticipated that through the long-term commitment and collaboration of key stakeholders, the vision of building the capacity of accounting professionals for the public sector can be attained. The next meeting of the IOB is scheduled for October 2017 where it is expected that there will be a further broadening of stakeholder representation.