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ANAN and CITN Sign MoU

The Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN) and the Chartered Institute of Taxation Nigeria (CITN) have signed an MoU on November 19, 2018 for the  reciprocal membership and training between  the professional bodies.


As the demand for improved information and communications technologies (ICT) skills and professional skepticism proficiency grows across jurisdictions, the IAESB has been focused on addressing market demand for these competencies, skills and behaviors needed by both aspiring and current professional accountants.The IAESB is eager to hear from those providing accountancy education, such as professional accountancy organizations, public accounting firms and other employers, universities and education providers. It is also eager to hear from those who oversee professional accountant’s competence, including regulatory organizations and government agencies. Comments are requested by March 4, 2019 and should be submitted via the IAESB website.

AFROSAI-E elaborates on the African Professionalisation Intiative (API)

AFROSAI-E’s Bruce Vivian is committed to driving the African Professionalisation Initiative to raise the standards, competency and skills of accountancy professionals working in the public sector.

Measuring Social Progress- Michael Izza Blog

ICAEW CEO Michael Izza explores how greater social progress leads to greater public trust through the SDGs framework

How employee directors add value?

ICAEW urges boards to consider the value that employee directors can bring to their organisation.