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Frequently asked questions

I am professional accountant; can I join PAFA as a member?

No. Only professional accountancy organisations (PAOs) can be considered for membership of PAFA. Individuals cannot be members of PAFA.

Can my/our practice or company become a member of PAFA?

No. Only professional accountancy organisations (PAOs) or national accountancy bodies can be considered for membership of PAFA.

I am looking for information about technical standards. Where do I look?

The accountancy profession is anchored in international standards that serve as best practice in the public and private sectors on how to report on the activities of an enterprise to create value, how to obtain assurance on this information, and how accountancy professionals should conduct themselves as guardians of this information.

PAFA represents the voice of the accountancy profession in Africa in international standard setting and achieves this with the support of Technical Advisory Groups and the Forum to Advance Technical Excellence in Africa

I am looking for an internship or scholarship or bursary. Where do I look?

PAFA does not have an internship nor a scholarship programme at the moment.

Who are PAFA members, associates and affiliates?

Our members are national accountancy organisations established in Africa that are acknowledged as national accountancy organisations in good standing in their respective jurisdictions; have appropriate governance structures and are financially and operationally viable; and have operating structures that provide for the support and regulation of their members.

Our associates are national accountancy organisations established in Africa that do not yet meet the membership criteria. They are generally expected to advance to the member category over a period of time.

Our affiliates are internationally recognised accountancy organisations that are not based in Africa.

Who can attend PAFA events and how much does it cost?

All PAFA events are open to all professional accountants, students interested in accountancy and finance studies and the public unless stated otherwise. Look out for our upcoming events on our news and events page.

Did you know?

PAFA holds the Africa Congress of Accountants (ACOA) every two years – the premier event for the accountancy profession in Africa. Contact us for more information.