Welcome to PAFA

Dear visitor, we are currently developing a new website and – as our full attention is dedicated to this new website, which will be launched early in 2022 – we are not maintaining the current website and, as a result, some information might be outdated. Kindly write to us at info@pafa.org.za should you have any questions.

Should you require any information about the Africa Congress of Accountants 2021 you can visit www.acoa2021.com.

The Pan African Federation of Accountants (PAFA) is the continental body representing Africa's Professional Accountants. Established in May 2011, PAFA is a non-profit organisation currently with 55 Professional Accountancy Organisations (PAOs) from 44 countries. Our mission is to accelerate and strengthen the voice and capacity of the Accountancy profession to work in the public interest, facilitate trade, and enhance benefits and quality services to Africa's citizens. 




PAFA takes a multi-layered approach to engaging with stakeholders at continental, regional and national levels, and we aim to develop the profession and work collaboratively to drive Africa's agenda.

Our mandate is founded on the premise that national Professional Accounting Organisations (PAOs) have the capacity to drive good financial management practices, accountability, transparency and good governance across public and private entities. We therefore believe that our ability to develop institutional capability will enable the acceleration of economic growth and the reduction of poverty in Africa.

Our vision is to work in the public interest by leading and developing the accountancy profession in Africa, and delivering value to our members.