A PAFA Webinar Series: International Consultations

27-07-2023, 10:00 AM

Watch the PAFA webinar series about the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)’s newly launched Standards and the Consultation on its Agenda Priorities for its next two-year work plan.

This engaging webinar series, allowed attendees to:

1. Gain In-Depth Understanding: Discover the intricacies of the ISSB's newly launched Standards, their implications, and the impact they can have on sustainable reporting practices.

2. Engage in Consultations: Participate in the Consultation on the ISSB's Agenda Priorities for its next two-year work plan. Your input will help shape the future direction of sustainability reporting and contribute to the global conversation on this vital topic.

Click here to watch the recording and material that was presented, you can access it here: Presenter material