Frequently asked questions


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Can my/our practice or company become a member of PAFA?

No. Only professional accountancy organisations (PAOs) or national accountancy bodies can be considered for membership of PAFA.

I am looking for information about technical and standards. Where do I look?

Here we will direct the user the appropriate section i.e., Technical Standards.

I am looking for an internship or scholarship or bursary. Where do I look?

PAFA does not have an internship nor a scholarship programme at the moment.

Who are the members of PAFA?

There are four main types of membership,

  1. Members, those national accountancy organisations which are established in Africa, have fee-paying professionally qualified accountants among their members, meet the criterion (as stipulated in the By-laws), and are recognised in their own countries, either by legislation or general consensus as being a representative national body for all or any of the following segments of the accountancy profession:

  1. Accountants in practice,

  2. Accountants in business;

  3. Accountants in the public sector; and

  4. Accountants in education

  1. Associates those national professional accountancy organisations based in Africa who may not meet the Member admission criteria set out above.

  2. Affiliates, those internationally recognised professional accountancy organisations which are not based in Africa which are supportive of the aspirations of PAFA.

Observers shall be development organisations, African economic groupings, African based groupings supportive of governance, financial management, accountability and transparency or similar entities which are supportive of the aspirations of PAFA.

Who can attend PAFA events and how much does it cost?

All PAFA events are open to all professional accountants, students interested in accountancy and finance studies and the public unless stated otherwise. Look out to our events in our Home Page.

Did you know?

PAFA holds the Africa Congress of Accountants (ACOA) every two years – the premier event for the accountancy profession in Africa. Click here to learn more about how you can participate.